Show off your penalty skills! Penalty Kick '91 is an epic Penalty Shoutout for Soccer (and Game Boy) lovers. 

In the game, you take turns both as a striker and as a goalkeeper. When playing as a kicker, press “A” to adjust the ball's direction and force. Watch out for the goalkeeper position!  When playing as the goalkeeper, use the d-pad to find the best position to block the ball.

Do you have what it takes to win the PK trophy?


The team to take the first kick is decided by a coin toss.

Teams take turns to kick from the penalty mark until each has taken five kicks. However, if one side has scored more goals than the other could possibly reach with all of their remaining kicks, the shootout ends regardless of the number of kicks remaining.

If at the end of these five rounds of kicks the teams have scored an equal number of goals, sudden death rounds of one kick each are used until one side scores and the other does not.

How to play?

[START / RETURN]  Start the game
[A / X] Adjust Kick Direction and Force (Kicker mode)
[ D-Pad] Position Goalkeeper Left or Right (Goalkeeper mode)

Made with ♥ with GB Studio and Pixaki.

Special thanks to @ember and krümel (crumb) for the music.

The game also comes as a GB Rom file. You will need an emulator such as RetroArch / Gambatte.  You can event play on an original Gameboy using a flashcart like Everdrive.


Download 1 MB


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This is truly awesome! Brilliant simplicity and super stylish graphics! I am also astonished to see you managed to implement animated sprites larger than 16x16 in GB studio, would you be up for sharing some production insights to a genuinely inspired fan :) ?

I am struggling to figure out how to change scenes without fading and how to have large animated elements like your the drop of sweat in the wide face-to-face scene or the display of the kick's power.


Wow, this is a great game based on an excellent idea! Really cool, thanks!

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